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*All players must attend the tryout sessions or they will not be drafted on a team. There will not be any refund once first league tryout takes place. We will post dates for tryouts on our website. Please note your child's league age is the age they will be on September 30, 2017. If you are injured, you must still attend the sessions. Please do not wait until last session to attend just in case something happens where you can not attend your session!! If any player is not checked in for either session, they will not be drafted on a team and there will be no refunds!
*No basketballs or any other balls will be permitted in the schools. Your coach will provide balls for practices and games. We ask the parents to please enforce this with your player and siblings.
*We are only permitted in the areas that are designated for practices and games. Do not allow anyone to roam in the hallways or any other part of the building. No one is to be in the auxiliary gyms. If we see you in these areas, you will be asked to leave the premises and will be suspended from the next game. Please do not drop your children off to the gyms to watch games without parental supervision. Parents must know where their children are at all times. Siblings or friends are not to be left with players and coaches during practices or games.
*Any spectator ejected from a game must leave immediately or the game will not continue and that person is not permitted to attend the next game.
*Only water is to be brought into the gyms. Players and spectators are expected to throw out their own trash and not leave it in the bleachers!!
*No one is to be playing in the middle of the high school gymnasium or sides of other gyms while games and practices are going on. This includes players, siblings, friends, and parents. There is to be no "shooting around" between games or time outs. Please sit in the bleachers and watch the games.
*No uniforms can be altered in any way(except cutting off sleeves).
*All fans should show good sportsmanship towards coaches, players, and referees.
Please feel free to read our complete by laws that will be posted on www.mtyb.net

Official MTYB Website – The official website of Monroe Township Youth Basketball is www.mtyb.net From time to time photos of Coaches and Players will appear on our site. All images and text associated with our website are the sole property of Monroe Township Youth Basketball and can not be duplicated or used without the express written or verbal consent of the Monroe Township Youth Basketball Board of Directors. Please provide parental Consent for your child to appear on website.

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